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Castlemourn is a land without a past. Its people do
not know who they once were, where they came
from, or what brought their world to its present,
fractured state. There is much speculation, and it
is generally agreed that centuries ago, Before the
Castles Fell, there existed the “Other Realm,” the
Realm of Castles—whose relics and mystic artifacts
are sought by modern-day adventurers, questors,
and treasure hunters. Roughly three hundred
sixty years ago, a great cataclysmic event occurred.
During this cataclysm, the land was broken as
well as the people. The earth surged and cracked,
mountains were thrust up and other regions were
plunged down and flooded as the seas rushed
in. None of the survivors could remember what
happened, and to this day, the catastrophe is
shrouded in mystery. However everyone is certain
that the event was tainted by magic in some way or
I have heard philosophers speculate that we
were all mind-wiped in the Fall, our memories of
the Other Realm erased, so we would not repeat
the mistakes of the past. Others claim this forgetting
was a collective amnesia, protecting us from some
great shame. However, with every fell creature,
haunted land, and unsolved mystery we encounter,
we cannot forget that something great and terrible
occurred. As such, ominous questions remain. “Will
this danger return?” “How many times will Mournra be
plunged into destruction?” “Has it happened before, in the
long distant past?”
Castlemourn is a land to be explored. Regardless
of the reason for our obscured memory, the people
of today want to know of their past and of the
things still hidden, lying in wait, on their lands.
This knowledge of hidden danger and possible
wealth has fractured our people as much as the
destruction shattered the physical landscape.
If a questor traveled across Mournra from
aerho (east) to luthsurl (west), she would
encounter cursed forests, haunted lakes, an almost
impenetrable ridge filled with monsters, impassible
ravines, broken lands where even the golaunt
cannot live, and a once viable realm in the west
that was suddenly, and mysteriously, thrown down
during the Time of the Swiftwing, some sixty years
This does not even begin to account for the
political differences between the various domains
within Castlemourn. Some of the cities, such as
Ghandalar and Asmrel in the Starhaven Reach, are
in a mercantile rivalry akin to near-open warfare.
Other realms have uneasy alliances, such as Baerent
and Firelorn, born of grief or necessity much to
the dismay of other allies. Some lands adjacent to
each other have so much internal strife, mystery,
and calamity that they simply do not have time to
be bothered with border strife. They are too busy
attempting to keep their people and lands safe.
Such is the case in the so-called Debatable Lands,
the realms of Ormscar, Lothran, and Tantanthar.
And yet, there is beauty, peace, and prosperity
within our lands. Jamandar is an acknowledged
paradise with bountiful harvests that grace the feast
tables of most of Castlemourn. Far to the luthsurl,
the crafters of Estorna are lauded for their beautiful
and practical wares. The “Golden City,” Asmrel, is
legendary for its knowledgeable sages and worldly
philosophers. Lyonar is hailed as one of the most
peaceful and luxurious realms of Castlemourn.
Baerent, now a protectorate of Firelorn, is known
for the lush Larrode Forest with its plentiful game,
while Dragonhead, sarrind of the Starhaven Reach,
is one of the most infamous trademoots in all
Castlemourn. There are even places suitable for
those seeking to settle down, open shop, and raise
a family.
For those seeking fortunes and reputations
for themselves, there is no shortage of ancient
ruins to explore, mysteries to solve, and villages
to protect from raiding monsters. To do this,
questors, hireswords, adventurers, and explorers
are necessary and welcome. The question is not,
“When will the next magical mystery arise?” It
is where. That, my friends, is why I am here to
inform, caution, and advise you. I speak true as
a waymaster of Jamandar and former questor. I
freely give you the knowledge gained from my own
experiences and those of my companion,
Aristero—who has braved far more dangers
than I.

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