It had been a long time since the people of Mournra had seen a dragon flying over the lands. Wherever Harkafel and The Travelers of the Prophecy went, there was great commotion. The half elven siblings, Elkarena and Anselo, went ahead of the troop assuring all that glad tidings were coming and they had nothing to fear. Between the two of them, their powers of persuasion knew no rival. So it was that Harkafel was allowed to travel the land more or less unmolested. The Protector, being a red Dragon, wisely chose to seek his own refuge. Until time could move on past the tales of evil red dragons, his heart and intentions would always be suspect. He would wait, as he had, for the right time.

Erasitt, the former Lornel, discovered there were many things he knew that he had forgotten. As his memory settled within him and he grew to know himself, he was able to suppress the leaching aura that surrounded him. This allowed him far more access to the people. His healing was greatly valued as were his memories, as they returned. Between Harkafel, Breyton, Flint, and himself they were able to bring a semblance of history back to a people who knew none.

Of course, no one knew the land better than their guide and ally, Rhyfedd and his constant companion Silverspoon. The general direction, all agreed, should be the Harrag, however, there were many towns and villages between here and there and it seemed a disservice to bypass them. The group spent more than a year going from village to village, like peddlers of history, teaching and telling enough so that the seeds of the past could be planted.

Over the course of that year, Harkafel and Anselo worked diligently in the ways of magic. For a warlock to become a wizard is a crooked path and Anselo proved no different. His mind, while burning with intensity, was not the disciplined mentality it needed to be to become a wizard. As the band traveled and Anselo, powerless compared to his sister and all the others, found a greater power by far than his lightning. Without the use of enchantments, Anselo struggled to find who he really was. Not compared to his sister or in the shadow of his absent father, but who Anselo was and would become. This difficult period in Anselo’s life burned away the dross of selfishness and self-obsession and left him open to other possibilities. One day Harkafel made a confession as, after a long and frustrating year of training, Anselo finally learned the one thing that Harkafel had been waiting for. Whether broken or enlightened, he could not say, but Anselo found humility.

Being all but a dragon God himself, Harkafel had always had the ability to grant Anselo a pact like the pacts of the fey. He said he had never done it over the millennia but always knew that it could be done. Now that he found a vessel worthy he would do it and he hoped that Anselo would not disappoint him. He did caution him that his current pact, like his old one, came with certain duties and responsibilities. While he would be much less manipulative and divisive, the transparency of their agreement might appear more restrictive. To maintain the pact with Harkafel, Anselo was required to cultivate the values that the Dragon embodied. As time went on, that proved to be quite a challenge indeed for the impulsive Anselo.

Elkarena had received the formative training of Eldritch Knight at the feet of the Queen of Air and Darkness herself. This turned out to be quite a boon as her training was exemplary. Harkafel himself said he had never witnessed better. Since her powers, in and of themselves, were not tied to the fey she was free to continue her exploration of them with his tutelage. Harkafel noticed that most of her powers were drawn from negative energy and the elements of wind and ice. He gave her the opportunity to balance the scales and offered her different options. The combination thereof proved to be an effective aid to her ongoing martial prowess.

Erasitt spent almost the entire year with the ensemble. As they approached the Mist Cloaked Forest, the group came upon a large caravan of Thaele. After the year of travel and so many villages, Erasitt knew the histories. He also knew the power of The Blood of the Children of Vol. For right or wrong, the ultimate gift of transcendence could only be achieved by The Children, at this stage. Erasitt learned enough from his own transformation, which was voluntarily irreversible, and from conversations with Harkafel, possibly the wisest Sage on the planet, that the gift of transcendence was as much how the blood was “constructed” as it was learning how to activate the various stages of enlightenment up to and including ultimate transcendence. He, himself, was still on the journey although he felt he had the map to get there. So powerful and unique was this knowledge that he could no longer afford to keep it to himself. So it was that Erasitt said goodbye to his friends and truly his family of this time and place and chose to stay and teach the Thaele the ways of The Blood. He told them, in parting, that they could join him and he soon would know how to transform them as part of the journey, if they so chose. Flint choose to stay with Erasitt as protector and Breyton chose to stay with Flint.

After so much time, the ultimate goal of reaching the Harrag had almost become a dream. When they finally entered the borders, under the protective magics of Harkafel, the elves soon learned their arrows and blades would do no good in keeping the party out. Once Rhyfedd, Elkarena, Anselo, and Silverspoon saw the massive defense of the forest, they realized that they themselves could not have entered without some powerful intermediary such as a dragon demigod. Since they were traveling with such a being, their welcome was begrudgingly acquiesced.

Rhyfedd had been gone 100 years, but this was nothing to the Elven people as time has no true meaning. He met with the elders and explained the deceptions that had been passed down, expecting to have to fight for his father’s vindication. Surprisingly, the elders had been just as deceived as he and, with Rhyfedd’s new information, investigative magics soon discovered the truth of the matter. The group who had accused his father, and many others, had since fled into the Mist Cloak Forest and estranged themselves from the people. Rhyfedd’s only true answers would come from confronting his father’s accusers, but his welcome and reintegration into the Harrag was a joyous occasion. While Rhyfedd and his mother had thought it best to leave her behind until he realized what reception he would get, Harkafel took it upon himself to teleport to where she was, retrieve her, and bring her instantly back.

Of course, Anselo and Elkarena immediately sought out their father. This reunion was the strangest of them all. Their father met them with elven tears of joy and sorrow, a truly rare and remarkable site for one of the eldest and wisest among the elves. Shocked and angry at being abandoned, Anselo and Elkarena were fueled to white-hot intensity by his affectionate welcome. He tried to answer all their questions and accusations as best he could. His proper name was Anselorien and, although abbreviated, Anselo carried his namesake. The reasons for his leaving were not happy ones nor did the siblings necessarily feel any better once exposed, however, they were necessary. Anselorien was a great and powerful diviner and while, even he could not work out the straight path, he did know that in the future there would be only two in all the land who would find a way to break the spell placed upon the world. These two would come from the races of man and his lineage. These two would grow in the living lands and yet, be a part from them. And finally, the part that Anselorien confessed broke his heart, these two would lose their mother and lose their father and the loss thereof would drive them. Whether it is better to know that a father abandoned his children out of strength enough to leave or too much weakness to stay, none can definitively say, however, Anselo and Elkarena struggled with this answer for the rest of their lives.

Many other things changed the day Harkafel and the Travelers of the Prophecy came to the elves of the Harrag. The prejudice against half elves did not evaporate overnight, however, knowing that two of their kind were slowly saving and rebuilding the world earned these particular half elves a stay of execution and a rite of welcome. Rhyfedd had taken his rightful place among the elves of the Harrag, leaving Elkarena and Anselo knowing they now had at least one true friend among the community. Even Silverspoon was allowed to stay on under this new revelation about their world and chronicle its rebirth. And finally, Harkafel through long and magic aided searching found the pieces for the staff of power that broke the world and, as it turns out, destroyed the moons, and began reconstructing the device that ruined the world so that he may heal it.

What happened next, is another story.


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Matt 0., it was not an element in the epilogue but there was a plot point that we did not get a chance to illuminate. One that may be interesting to you.

Your children, from your memory, were Thaele and were, by your recollection, conceived after your voluntary transformation. There were NO Thaele before this. (Perhaps this explains the dream of them running through the woods, trying to escape something…).

You were the FIRST to undergo this transmogrification and as far as you know, given the circumstances of Erandis’s last words to you, possibly the LAST created under such a process. If those two elements are true, that would mean the entire race of Thaele are …


Cool. Thanks for the game and the wrap-up, man!


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