Welcome to Castlemourn!

Weep for those whose dust is ours,
We do not feel their suffering.
Weep for us whom they have born,
They know nothing of our sins.

Cry out “Mercy!” to the gods
For every child and flower;
We fall toward our memory’s end
With every step and hour.
- Athir Vorosaer, of the Principality of Formaress , the Year of The First Birthright

Castlemourn is a land without a past. Its people do not know who they once were, where they came from, or what brought their world to its present, fractured state. There is much speculation, and it is generally agreed that centuries ago, Before the Castles Fell, there existed the “Other Realm,” the Realm of Castles—whose relics and mystic artifacts are sought by modern-day adventurers, questors, and treasure hunters.

Roughly three hundred sixty years ago, a great cataclysmic event occurred. During this cataclysm, the land was broken as well as the people. The earth surged and cracked, mountains were thrust up and other regions were plunged down and flooded as the seas rushed in.

None of the survivors could remember what happened, and to this day, the catastrophe is shrouded in mystery. Everyone is certain of one thing – the event was fueled by magics and the world will never be the same.

The Lands of Castlemourn


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