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Welcome to the bustling, ever-merchant city of Zroas! Some 150 years ago, the Revolt led to the death or exile of the former ruling House Stross and the imprisonment and impoverishment of many of its followers and sycophants. The aristocracy raged against the Revolt of the city, but Lothran accepted it’s rebellion leaders as the new leadership as they reasoned Zroas proved critical on the road to everywhere.

While its neighboring cities worked with the rebellion for their own well being, Zroas’s industrious citizens forged themselves and their community from the chaos of civil revolt. In a few years, the merchants, arcanists, and followers of The Seven built their sleepy, backwater town into a power with clout far beyond its size. Zroas has blossomed in a mere fifteen decades into a mercantile powerhouse known across Mournra for its manufactured good, fruits, wines and mastery of gnomish clockwork technology.

Despite commerce’s importance, not everyone in Zroas is a merchant or business owner. The average citizen makes his wage through common labor, as a farmer, apprentice, launderer, miner, servant, stevedore, watchman, wait staff, or any of a myriad of other professions. Some individuals, of course, prefer illegal endeavors, such as smuggling, thieving, and narcotics dealing. For the most part, however, Zroas is a city of hardworking people who highly value their freedom.

A city’s people are its foundation and its soul. The city of Zroas houses a more industrious group of citizens than most cities. Every person free to trade, bargain, gather, and even scheme to make themselves rich, powerful, or wise. As THE merchant hub in Mournra, it answers very lightly to the Grand Duke. Instead, its City Council rules from secret chambers, its Watch is both human and dwarven, and its people know what makes a life worthwhile: freedom, trade, and the blessings of The Seven. The city ticks and its people keep a steady rhythm of mercantile life. Trade flows up and down the Trade Road.

Underneath all that hard work and pragmatism lies a darker city, a place built on gnomes cursed in silver mines; a place still scarred by a harsh family’s diabolical practices and autocratic rule; a place corrupted by pacts of blood, by temptations of the flesh, and by the raw power of untrammeled greed that blackens men’s hearts. The people of Zroas lust for power, wealth, success, and pleasure, and they bargain with anyone they believe can provide them: gypsy fortunetellers, strange cults, harsh gods, and other unscrupulous schemers. The people’s hungers draw devils like crows to a corpse.

Yet the city prospers. Its heroes avert disaster again and again. Somehow, Zroas’s heart keeps ticking, overseen by Damantha, the goddess that gave it life.

As a thriving trade center, Zroas draws people from across Mournra. The city calls to enterprising individuals desiring to make their own way in the world. It offers even the lowliest peasants the chance to forge new beginnings. Opportunities in nearly every arena abound for those who know how to grab them, and many come to the Crossroads in hopes of bettering their lot. In Mournra’s merchant city, people can join the hum of the seamless trade machinery and forge their own destiny. In fact, Zroas’s population has swelled in recent years from 6,000 people to its current population of 14,000 in peak season.

Zroas welcomes all human visitors and many of the other races. In a city of commerce, newcomers are all viewed as walking money, and the citizens of the city are eager to relieve them of their coin— whether legally or not.


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