The Seven


One cannot live within the Realms of Castlemourn
and not acknowledge that the Seven exist and
rule their respective domains. Even the most secular
of Mournans pays homage to the Seven—if for no
other reason than out of habit or fear. Religious
groups can be of any size; hundreds of organized
groups have established shrines and holy sites
almost everywhere in Castlemourn, as well as
the large, well-known temples. Some of the more
devout worshippers avoid the large established
groups, living as hermits or wandering waypriests,
spreading news of the Seven and their miracles.

The elves favor Larlasse, Damantha, Munedra,
and Ralaroar, making small appeasement-offerings
to the other three.

The dwarves look primarily to
the Four Who Watch Over Us—Amaunt, Haelarr,
Munedra, and Larlasse—considering the others the
“Lesser Three.”

To the golaunt, the Talon—Araugh,
Amaunt, and Haelarr—are the most powerful of
the gods and the only three worth worshipping.
Meanwhile, humans, gnomes, and halflings worship
the Seven as a whole.

If you adhere to the thought “Might makes
Right,” then Amaunt is your god. Also known as
the Great Fist, the Cold Sword, or the Allthrone,
Amaunt is the god of war, rule, dominance,
retribution, and justice. He is the epitome of order
through force—for good or evil. Alignment does
not matter as long as order is maintained. “All chaos
and lawlessness is weakness. Weakness unchecked leads
to disaster.” If blood must be shed, so be it. Rulers,
governors, warriors, and those who wish justice
(revenge/restitution) worship this heavy-handed

There is nothing like a violent and malevolent
god to bring out the worshipper in all of us. This
goes double for Araugh, also known as the Lord
of Storms and Shadows, the Dark Wave, Conqueror
of the Grave, and Lord Coldeye. Sailors and pirates
worship him to appease his mercurial nature.
Golaunt, brigands, and joyfully destructive
individuals also worship him, because they
believe in his decrees. “Nothing can stand against or
rival Araugh. Strife and slaughter are the natural norm.
True growth comes from death. There is a road beyond
death.” Araugh is malicious toward all save his own
worshippers, and even they are expendable to
further his aims.

Damantha is favored in rural areas, though
largely ignored in urban centers, as she is best
known as the goddess of farming, abundant
yields, and quality of produce. However, she is
also the goddess of civilized history, fellowship,
and community. Perhaps this should not be so
surprising, since the land is necessary to support
cities and civilization. “Despoil nothing, lest you be
despoiled. Understand every living thing, so as to know
what to tend or cherish.” This peaceful and joyful
goddess is also known as Lady Harmony, Lady
Greenleaf, Lady Purestar, and the Warmhearth.

Those who seek knowledge and prosperity
seek Haelarr. Also known as the Lord of Coins,
the Wise One, Goldbrow, and the Maker, Haelarr
values knowledge and wealth equally. At the same
time, he enjoys tempting the good into evil and the
evil into good as his decree cares nothing for chaos
or order so long as knowledge and/or wealth is
gained. “Gold breeds gold. Spend wisely and enrich all.
One’s true worth is different from another’s, but unknown
value is always worth nothing. Seize opportunity or live
unrewarded. Seek to know, and thus prosper.” Sages,
rulers, inventors, and the ambitious all look to gain
Haelarr’s favor and, perhaps, a profitable vision.

Larlasse, the lady of luck and divination, is a
beautiful goddess who encourages her faithful to
explore new ways and take chances. Also known
as the Mother of Hopes, the Laughing Dancer,
and Lady Surefoot, this whimsical goddess does
not always respond to those who pray and yet,
she kindly guides unsuspecting mortals through
dangers unknown and inspires those trapped
within courtly intrigues to escape. She is beloved of
travelers, explorers, and adventurers. As a devout
worshipper, former questor, and waymaster, I live
by her decrees for they are sound and sure. “Give no
false directions. Make and keep safe maps and directions.
Know your home ground.”

Forgiveness and restoration achieve more than war.
Purity is holiness. To heal is to trust. The healer is a true
friend.” Though she must be invoked, Munedra,
the goddess of healing, helps most all who call her,
regardless of their behavior or intent. Also known
as Allmother, the Hand of Healing, the Whitestar,
and Lady Life, she cares for the sick, the diseased,
the wounded, and those who must battle, or have
contact with, the undead. This gentle goddess of
healers manifests as moonglow (even if there is no
moonlight) or as a floating, disembodied, glowing,
silvery-white feminine right hand to heal all injuries
including poison, disease, and other taints.

As the Lord of beasts, plants, and all wild
living things, Ralaroar is master of the cycle of life
from birth unto death. Those who work the land,
hunt beasts, and venerate the seasons worship
this chaotic force of nature. Neither good nor evil,
Ralaroar simply is. Also known as Lord Redclaw,
Old Lord Memory, and Lord of the Green, the
greatest sin against him and his is thoughtlessly
causing wildfires. “The power of the land is the greatest
power. The power of the land is Ralaroar. One cannot hide
from Ralaroar. Slay no wild thing needlessly. To know how
crawling and flowering things live is to know their true

The Lands of Castlemourn

The Seven

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