Castlemourn is home to many of the races “standard” to fantasy settings: humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, and half-elves; however, Mournan folk have their own unique characteristics. In addition, Castlemourn is home to two new character races: the fell-blooded golaunt and the mysterious thaele. When choosing a race and class for your character, bear in mind that both golaunt and thaele are viewed with suspicion and distrust by many Mournans. This chapter provides the rules material necessary to create characters and begin a Castlemourn campaign, everything from the races available as characters to a new class, new prestige classes, and new setting specific feats.

In general Mournans are tolerant of other races. Dozens of intelligent races inhabit the lands, some friendly, some not so. By adulthood, even a Mournan who has led a sheltered life will have met or seen folk of many different races. The primary sentient races of Castlemourn are as follows (names in quotations being what other races politely call them):

Humans Humans
The most numerous race, “Swift Tongues” are found almost everywhere and (aside from Ironfell, the Yarhoon, and the mountains) dominate most of Mournra.

Dwarves: The realm of Ironfell is home to most Mournan dwarves, though a few of “the Strong” hail from the Iron Isles, and a sprinkling are scattered widely across the rest of Mournra.

Most “Fair Folk” hail from Harrag and the Mistcloak Forest, where they prefer to be left alone, often cutting short the lives of those who enter their forested lands uninvited. Elves encountered outside the Harrag are often outcasts, sent forth from their kin for transgressions. Halfelves are usually the children of outcast elves.

A majority of gnomes call Estorna home, but like halflings, “the Quiet Folk” have settled widely elsewhere. •

The “Snarlers” are dominant in the Yarhoon, though small tribes can be found where humans are few throughout Mournra.

Most halflings hail from Estorna, though small villages of “Swifthands” can be found across Mournra.

Thaele Thaele Thaele Religious Views
A mysterious, unsettling race of transients, the “Strange Folk” wander the lands seeking answers to Castlemourn’s many secrets, even as they protect their own. Thaele are most numerous on the outskirts of Asmrel and Dragonhead and in the Haunthills and Lyonar.


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