The lands of Mournra were infused with magical energies centuries ago; power permeates the body of every Mournan creature before its birthing, linking it to the place of its birth. Whenever a Mournan drinks the water or sleeps on the ground of his birth place, resonance arises within him, allowing him to absorb more of the silently-surging forces of the land and be revitalized. This link gives every being dwelling near its birthplace an almost psychic benefit. Life just seems better and easier when at home.

Each character has a birthland, a 50-mile-radius area centered on the spot where he was born. Within this area, the character feels the power of the land. An individual who leaves his birthplace for more than 48 hours loses his birthland benefit. As soon as that individual returns, drinks of the waters of his birthland, and rests there for a full 8 hours, his birthland benefit is regained.

The Harrag
The elves of the Harrag (and the fey who dwell there as well) have a close connection to their forested homeland. They know and revere every untainted, living thing within the land’s bounds. Folk of the Harrag immediately recognize interlopers and outsiders upon sight, even those invaders who have made the effort to disguise themselves. As a side effect of this closeness between land and people, they also have the ability to tell if native flora or fauna has been tainted by the “Dark” of the Mistcloak Forest. Those born in the Harrag have a +2 bonus on Perception checks to notice when something from “the Tainted Outside” intrudes into their realm. Additionally, those born in the Harrag gain a +1 bonus on all Fortitude saves versus poison, as medicinal herbs and other curatives are always close to hand.

Named for the legendary dragon slain there long ago, Firelorn and its people inherited more from that former resident than just a name. Dragons are powerful, magical creatures that always leave their mark on the earth. On that fateful day many Times ago, when dragon-riding heroes slew ancient Firelorn in the skies overhead, fire and blood rained down on the land.
Firelorn’s blood hissed and steamed as it fell to the earth, saturating the ground and mysteriously transferring some of Firelorn’s essence to the land and its people. While in their homeland, native Firelornans gain a resistance to fire.

Baerent & Haunthills
Generally calm and thoughtful, Baerentaen and Hauntrans are generally slow to anger even when provoked. Considering carefully and acting deliberately, these folk strive to act correctly rather than react mistakenly. Natives of Baerent and Haunthills gain a +2 bonus on all Will saves against charms, compulsions, and fear effects. Additionally, those born to these lands are capable of occasional, remarkable feats of peaceful strength (single-handedly lifting loaded wagons so broken wheels can be replaced, halting runaway horses with their bare hands, or bending bent iron tools straight). Once per rathren (10 days), a Baerentaen or Hauntran gains a Advantage to Strength checks made in such peaceful feats of strength. Once the task is completed, the individual becomes staggeringly weak (All Strength checks at Disadvantage) and must sleep for most of a day (at least 12 hours). Once rested, the individual awakens unhurt and back to normal.

Jamandar has long been hailed as the feast table of Castlemourn with its bountiful crops and plentiful herds. Many Jamandrans excel at farming and animal husbandry, while others are shrewd merchants. Characters who were raised in Jamandran farm families gain a +1 bonus on all Handle Animal and Knowledge (nature) checks. Those raised by Jamandran merchants have their own unique skills. Mercantile natives of Jamandar gain a +1 bonus on all Insight checks.

Once a thriving land of strong trees and plentiful herds, Tantanthar is a realm lost to damp bogs and misty swamps. No longer do the ports bring in the business they once did. As the land itself was ruined by foolish Tantanthan ancestors, the folk must rely on themselves to make trade and survive. Though it has been ill-treated, the land has forgiven its people. Most Tantanthan are crafters, doing exacting work that requires much time and skill. They pass their days in their shops, working hard to produce the best that may be had. To aid their efforts, Tantanthans are blessed with skill and attention to detail. Natives of the realm choose to gain a +1 bonus on Investigation. Also, the Tantanthan drive for exacting workmanship grants them a +1 bonus on all Concentration checks.

The Foreshore
The people of the Foreshore have a hard and unpleasant lot. The Coves that cluster around Thamral, the main city-state in the region, are poor but often necessary second choice ports of call for travelers, sailors, or mercenaries. This land of intrigue and blades has blessed its people with the ability to speak quickly and wisely when negotiating through the land. Natives of the Foreshore gain a +1 bonus on all Persuasion checks. Also, the rocky trails between the ports and the Stoneshield (separating Jamandar from the Foreshore) have taught these people to be light on their feet and quick with their reactions. While traversing their native lands, the folk of the Foreshore gain a +1 bonus on all Acrobatic checks. This also applies while at sea, so long as the ship skirts the coast anywhere between the Marsh of Mists luthsurl (west) to Sardulkin.

The Irdrake Lands (Lothran, Ormscar, & Iron Fell)
The lands from Mount Urbarr sekhovynd (south) past the Irdrakewater all the way to the sarrind (northern) eaves of the Stormstars Wood are saturated with magic. Most likely related in some way to the Fall, the presence of magic in the land is undeniable. In particular, it appears to be centered on lands around Orn Doalryn—more specifically, the duchy of Septran. Those of the Irdrake Lands have an inborn talent for activating and using odd magic items. These folk gain instant attunement to any magic item (magic item limits still apply). Sometimes, unfortunately for them, the folk of the Irdrake Lands do not always use this skill consciously. They may accidentally attune to a magic item, taking the attunement from the previous possessor, just by picking it up.

The Yarhoon is a steep, cavern-riddled ridge that runs from sarrind (north) to sekhovynd (south) to the luthsurl (west) of the Irdrake Lands. The primary birthland of the golaunt, it is also home to many other dangerous creatures. Those who are unlucky enough to be born in the Yarhoon find themselves at a distinct advantage over non-natives. Yarhoon natives are skilled at foraging for food in this difficult terrain and avoiding poisonous flora and fauna. They also have an instinctive knack for locating warmfires during the harsh winter months. Golaunt and others born on (or in) the Yarhoon gain a +2 bonus to Survival checks related to gathering safe food, locating clean drinking water, and finding protection from the elements.

Called the “Crossroads of Castlemourn,” Lyonar is center stage to all of Mournra. The main trade routes pass through its well-fortified and organized lands. Thus, news traveling from one end of Castlemourn to the other reaches many interested parties in Lyonar. With six independent duchies paying fealty to the Sevencrown Lord, rest assured that numerous intrigues are always afoot, keeping nobles and peasants alike interested and engaged. To this end, native Lyons have developed an instinctive skill for ferreting out the truth of what is really going on. Folk native to Lyonar gain a +1 bonus on all Persuasion checks. Likewise, while Lyons are friendly folk, not at all tight-lipped, they know the value of information and how to protect it, gaining a +1 bonus on all Bluff checks.

The Starhaven Reach (Asmrel, Dragonhead, Ghandalar, & Luuthaven)
The lands of the Reach are dominated by three major trade cities—Asmrel, Ghandalar, and Luuthaven. Asmrel and Ghandalar are locked in constant trade wars with Luuthaven remaining apart, except when the city’s Master deems his influence is needed in settling disputes between the two trade powers. Dragonhead, located a short distance up the Luuthride from Luuthaven, benefits from the strife and rampant mercantilism. The buying and selling of all manner of goods and services is the life blood of this land. As such, the advertising involved is as important as the goods themselves. Those born within the Starhaven Reach have a real talent for persuasion, gaining a 1 bonus to Persuasion checks related to selling an individual on something (be it a piece of merchandise or an idea). Likewise, growing up in this region has given its natives an instinct for determining an items true value (1 bonus on all Intelligence checks to appraise items).

Estorna, Marrovar, & Khalandorn
At first glance, the natives of Estorna, Marrovar, and Khalandorn seem to have absolutely nothing in common except the ground they walk on. Estorna is full of exacting crafters. Khalandorn is filled with farmers and beloved knights. Marrovar is a land of secretive bankers. Nothing in common until one observes them in action. The natives of these lands are especially good at what they do—master craftsmen, exceptional horsemen and warriors, and merchants so insightful many believe them gifted with precognitive skills. All characters from this region pick one skill that is empowered while within their birthland. Whenever a character fails a skill check with this skill, a reroll is granted, but the result of the second check is binding.

The Wild Lands (Faerel, the Haunt of Eagles, & Sparruk)
The Wild Lands form a realm of their own—blasted and forsaken stretches of wilderness where only a few hardy souls manage to survive. Within recent memory, Sparruk and Faerel were settled lands, kingdoms of men. Now these lands, along the Haunt of Eagles, are little more than monster infested wilderness. However, for those born in the Wild Lands, treasures abound. Folk of the Wild Lands can often “feel” the presence of magical traps and wards and can locate magical traps instinctually, giving them a +1 to Investigation checks or Arcana checks to locate traps. The Wild Lands also bless their people with the natural ability to easily find food in the harsh landscape. The birthland grants a +1 bonus on Survival checks made when foraging for food.

The Iron Barony
The Iron Barony is a land born of a contradiction in sounds, cities filled with the constant ringing din of smithies juxtaposed against the deep silence of the forests and alpine meadows. City-dwelling Staele (what most Mournans call the folk of the Iron Barony) learn early on to separate the harsh din of the forge from other sounds, allowing them to carry on conversations over the incessant noise. Beyond Chemmore and Ruthstay, the Barony is filled with dense alpine forests and rushing streams, and rural Staele learn from birth to protect themselves from fierce wild boar, prowling cats, and other dangerous beasts. No matter where one hails from within the Iron Barony, natives gain a +1 bonus on all Perception checks.

The Iron Isles
The people of the Iron Isles are a mystery to the rest of Castlemourn. It is said that the Isles are ruled by fell sorcerers and populated by all manner of strange folk. While this may not be completely true, it is true that the Iron Isles are home to many powerful spellcasters. No one knows why, but folk of the Iron Isles have a propensity for magic and spellcasting; they are exceptionally gifted when on their native soil.
While on her home island (her birthland), an Iron Isle spellcaster has the ability to channel more magic through her body than would be considered normal elsewhere. She gains spell DC and Magical attack bonus as if her primary spellcasting ability score were 2 points higher.


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