Castlemourn Chronicles 4
Session Four: The story, in brief...


Session Four

  • Enoch arrives at the Tower, and gains access accidentally by carrying a journal from a bygone age. He is guided through the underbelly by a white cat; presumably the same as was met before.
    • Enoch is here to find the Carvhalo children, or their remains, and return them to Hanzi. It has been one year since they went missing.
  • Enoch discovers the sleeping party, apparently enchanted. He surmises that magical riddles appearing on the mammoth statue must be solved to awaken them.
    • He solves these riddles, awakening first Elkarena, then Anselo, then Lornel, then Niam, and finally Acacia.
    • Anselo gambles further, and later on suspects that the machine had enchanted him.
      • Though in different ways, each party member was changed dramatically by their year in slumber., having gained experiences and insights within the realms of their own minds.
  • The party, after speaking for a time with one another, decide to continue further into the estate.
  • Searching the nearby quarters reveals a hidden chamber in a mans apartment. Within the chamber is a large portrait of a man drinking from the neck of another man, and a large stone coffin.
    • Within the coffin is a slumbering form, enchanted in similar fashion to the parties own sleep. The party locates a riddle, and upon solving it, the man awakens.
      • The mans name is Milford, and he is a Thaele actor.
    • A brief combat ensues as the man is startled, and with divine power, Lornel calms the emotions of everyone present. Rational discussion is had thereafter. Milford joins the group, and promises to speak with Lornel at length about his people (at least, as they were 150 years ago).
  • The group presses onward, deeper into the complex.
  • A library is found, housing a massive number of tomes on subjects such as history, religion, math, and the sciences. A strange collection of fiction is found as well, written by 4 authors who Milford claims were influential in his time.
    • Combat breaks out with 2 Skelebots; the library is partially destroyed.
    • The party takes about an hour to peruse the collection, searching for information. Nothing of extreme import is found.
      • Lornel has a vision while reading anthropological treaties on the Thaele; it reveals that he had 2 children, one boy and one girl. Something painful happened regarding them.
  • A scroll room is found. It houses many old scripts written in Sylvain, and largely reference the Fae and Fae-touched individuals (warlocks?). Also mentioned are the histories of mankind post-fall, and together they create a strong picture of civilized history.
  • A large, sturdy door is found.
    • The lock does not submit to Enochs deft hands.
      • The integrity does not crack before Lornels mighty shoulder.
        • The door is sundered at long last by Elkarenas great sword.
    • But first, repair bots come to fix the besieged furniture.
      • In the fight, Milford goes down, and is killed by the death-splosion of the Skelebots.
        • Lornel is partially responsible.
  • The barred room holds many sexual deviations and perversions, largely revolving around fae creatures.
    • Elkarena finds a strangely serviceable suit of studded leather. It has "studs in all the right places:.
  • The sound of more Skelebots approaching causes the party to flee, taking refuge for several hours (4) in the scroll room. During this time, Anselo and Lornel patch up Acacia as best as they can, and she regains consciousness.
  • Continued exploration finds a taxidermy room. Inside are stuffed animals, and a strange creature that looks vaguely like a sack of potatoes.
    • The stuffed creatures animate, and try to kill the party.
      • Anselo kills a harmless stuffed frog, who (adorably) wanted to murder him.
    • A search of the room finds useful items such as artificial glass eyes and needle/thread.
  • A large room, filled with statues is found.
    • One feature draws every eye; that of a female water elemental, frozen in time.
Castlemourn Chronicle
Session three: The story, in brief...

Session Three

  • The party carries the unconscious Niam to the pool room for recovery. There, they rest for several hours in peace.
    • Lornel spots a white cat, later learned to likely have been a pet. He fails to catch it twice; one the second occasion, due to it teleporting away. Lornel is severely unnerved by the cat.
  • The search for the imprisoned water elemental continues, and finds the characters in an artist gallery with a large cage. The cage houses a lifelike statue of a woman; just what the party was searching for.
    • Experimentation with a series of levers transmutes the woman into a variety of materials, and finally to flesh. She is not the woman they were looking for.
      • She was an artist here originally. She was betrayed, and turned to stone. She has joined with the group.
  • Search continues for the elemental.
  • A room full of mirrors is discovered.
    • Lornel panics in the face of the infinity mirrors, and smashes them all to bits. He is moody afterwards.
  • A room FULL of animated dolls is found. They try to flay the flesh from the knees down. Fire cleanses all, in the end.
    • Fire attracts the “Maid Bots”. The party hides, by the skin of their teeth.
      • The arcane circle animating the dolls is found, and whispers foul things. It tells Lornel to feast on blood, and he flees. Anselo scrubs out the circle.
  • A large room is found, dominated by a mammoth statue of a beautiful fae creature. The party succumbs to a strange compulsion to rest here.
    • Elkarena picks up a silver statue of a female elf.
      • Anselo plays a gambling game, and wins! (100 SP)
        • Niam sketches the statue, and fails to capture her beauty.
          • Lornel sleeps.
Castlemourn Chronicles
Session Two: The story, in brief

Session Two

  • Investigating the supernatural barrier of darkness that covered the towers top, the party of questors contemplated the riddle written upon the stone exterior; paraphrased to ‘life is artsy, and lends to impracticality’.
    • After a myriad of uninformative tests, Lornel descended down into the darkness by rope. Entering the darkness fully, he found himself transported to a grassy clearing several hundred feet from the tower. His clothing and other equipment did not make the journey with him, and he approached the ruins naked and quite clean of dirt and the grime of the road.
    • Night found the questors set upon by what they presumed to be Kobolds, though finding no easy ambush the creatures fled into the darkness.
    • The next day revealed the secrets of the tower, as Anselo wrote out a poem he recalled from a local bard in Zroas. He copied it four times, read it aloud in proclamation of his tribute to Renaldo, and sent Lornel down once more, though this time with a copy of said poem in hand. It allowed penetration of the darkness, and the group descended deep into the ruined foundations of the tower.
  • The exploration of the Cellar is yet incomplete; below are detailed the larger points of interest as of yet.
    • Undead and other dangers lurk withing the abandoned halls of the cellar; apparently Renaldo has a brief love affair with necromancy, and many of his servants remain so long into death.
      • One such servant is a bound water elemental of a race I can not recollect how to spell. His name is ?Nial Lugc? and his daughter was trapped in the stone artisan hall by Renaldo, apparently part of his sculpting process. The party has agreed to help him, for terms involving information, coin, and identification of magical items should he recognize them.
    • The walls are ordained with beautiful engravings that have lasted well, given their abandoned surroundings.
    • The curtains in the theater room are enchanted, and produce turmoil upon those who approach.
    • Fire (at least to enchanted curtains) draws forth strange undead mechanations, henceforth described as “Skelebots”. They explode upon forcible deactivation, and have quite long claw appendages.

Please add details in the comments as you see fit, that have been overlooked in my haste.

Castlemourn Chronicles
Session one: The story, in brief


  • The Twins set out to retrieve their Grandfather’s statue from Esmerelda, a long time business associate of Hanzi.
  • On the way there a group accosts them, and the Twins got the impression they were to be taken alive. They question one of the thugs, who tells them Spyder sent them.
  • After the twins retrieve the statue, they are again subjected to an attempted kidnapping. It fails and the Twins talk to Jules regarding Spyder She tells them where to likely find the man. They also discover the raven is a forgery.
  • The Twins look for Spyder in the taverns but do not find him.
  • Returning to Grandfather, they share all their news whereupon Hanzi decides to attend the soire of Lord Barrister.

Session One…

  • The Carvhalos twins, their grandfather, and their coachman are attacked by bandits upon the road outside Zroas. They are on their way to a party in the home of Lord Barister, with whom they recently had troublesome dealings. They suspect him of theft, and wish to confirm their suspicions.
  • Lornel and Niam, drawn by the sounds of a struggle, stumble upon the robbery which has clearly gone south. They aid the Carvhalos in dispatching the ruffians. The leader of the band escapes.
  • Having come to Zroas seeking these very twins, Lornel and Niam accompany them to the party, finding something of divine intervention in their coincidental meeting upon the road.
  • At this party, the Carvhalos confirm the theft of a silver raven statuette, which is on display brazenly in Barister’s atrium.
  • Grandfather Carvhalos confronts another man in private at the party; A man who was responsible for seeing the raven safely delivered to him, perhaps?
  • The Carvhalos devise a plan to steal back the raven in the middle of the party. It involves Niam and Lornel doing the thieving, while the twins create a distraction.
  • The theft goes sideways, but miracle of miracles, in the end the party acquires the statuette, and the Barister is left with a false replica.
  • The Carvhalos return to Zroas, while Niam and Lornel spend the night in the woods outside town.
  • The next morning, Niam and Lornel make their way into the city and find the Carvhalos estate.
  • There, they have breakfast with the family while discussing terms. In the end, it is agreed that the twins will accompany Niam and Lornel for a short time so that Niam may learn more of the elves for his book. It was also decided that the group would not go to the Harrag to seek knowledge of The Fall and it’s relation to the Thaele.
  • The small group disembarked, and upon leaving Niam and Lornel saw a rather large and armed force coming to the city, bearing the Barister crest. They returned to the site where the raven was hidden, and met up with the Twins after gathering it.
  • They traveled north and ?east? to the ruins of a small fortification. Legends say a wizard lived in the tower long ago, and had given over his life to the pursuit of art in all its forms. * * On the way, Niam was nearly kidnapped by Kobolds.
  • Upon arriving at the tower, the group began to investigate the grounds. Finding a ladder leading to the collapsed roof of the tower itself, The part made their way up at Lornels encouragement. Atop the tower, they looked down into a strange black void. Dipping a rope into the void, it returned frayed and severed.

“So, who wants to go first? -Lornel, holding in one hand the severed end of a rope, and gazing down into the black abyss below


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