• Acacia Lan - Revenant seeking Enoch

    Acacia Lan - Revenant seeking Enoch

    An artist reanimated after 160 years as a statue, struggling to make sense of the horrors around her.
  • Auril


    You have a promise, not a commission. Do well and earn your place.
  • Captain Blath Agosto

    Captain Blath Agosto

    Stern but fair Captain of the guard in Zroas.
  • Enoch


    Look around for the mark. If you don't see him, run, because you're the mark.
  • Grandmaster Abelard Mainin

    Grandmaster Abelard Mainin

    Grandmaster of the Zaxian Finite Monastery near the town of Zroas
  • Hanzi Carvhalo

    Hanzi Carvhalo

    Hanzi is a reitred Waymaster and family patriarch of the Carvhalo family of Lothran
  • Jules Hahpet

    Jules Hahpet

    She is quick of thought and precise of movement, Jules would be equally efficient as a tavern keep or a captain of the guard.
  • Marté Retûr

    Marté Retûr

    Mentor and friend of Niam Telner. Member of the Zaxian Finite Monastery.
  • Maurelle


    Fey Emmisary
  • Milford Bramwell - Killed in Reynaldo's Castle

    Milford Bramwell - Killed in Reynaldo's Castle

    A Thael performer reanimated to only die in a horrible explosion
  • Niam Telner

    Niam Telner

    Still waters run deep and powerful
  • Valendar


    Elven father of the Carvhalo children. He left without word or clue back to the Harrag where half-elves cannot follow.